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Thermal Scanning Services

Let Innovative Electric take care of the unseen hazards in your electrical system. Through advanced training and the latest technology, Innovative Electric thermal imaging trained electricians will visit your home and inspect all of your electrical components. This allows us to help put your mind at ease knowing no electrical hazards are lurking behind coverage.

We will thoroughly examine all electrical distribution panels, wiring, and devices using the most up-to-date equipment on the market.


Whether it is a loose connection in your panel or a breaker that is going bad, electrical components may overheat and lead to a fire. Electrical fires are the second leading cause of residential fires between the years of 2015 and 2019 and resulted in over 24,000 home fires in 2021.


Let us find the problem before it starts.

All of us want to enjoy all of our homes have to offer without interruption. A failing connection or device cuts into that time and can add stress to already hectic everyday lives. We will do our best to minimize any downtime caused by electrical failures. Thermal imaging can see what the naked eye does not.

Let us replace a faulty part before it impedes your free time. Insurance rates are ever-increasing. We can offer our services to ensure homeowners have a chance
at lower homeowners insurance rates. Identifying potential hazards before they become actual hazards benefits the homeowner and insurance company alike.

An increasing number of insurance companies are giving discounts to homeowners that perform preventative maintenance. Check with your agent to see if the discount applies.


Use our form provided to schedule a site visit to learn more about generator options for your property.

One of our team members will then connect with you about next steps, what we will discuss on site, and answer any questions.

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