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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Whether you have a personal electric vehicle or a commercial fleet of electric vehicles, Innovative Electric provides the installation of robust and efficient charging stations.

Innovative EV Charging Stations

Making the right charger choice for your electric vehicle can be a challenging decision. Fortunately, our team of licensed, insured, and experienced technicians at Innovative Electric will guide you through this process, ensuring your confidence and comfort throughout.

Upon reaching out to us, we commence by assessing your vehicle’s specific needs, followed by conducting a comprehensive load calculation to confirm your property’s capability to meet this new demand. Once we’ve determined your vehicle’s electrical requirements, measured the necessary amperage, and verified your property’s infrastructure readiness, we collaborate with you to identify the optimal system.

At Innovative Electric, we are dedicated to fostering the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and sustainable energy solutions. Our team of experts stands ready to assist you in seamlessly installing EV chargers, whether for your home or business. Embrace a cleaner, more sustainable future by investing in EV charger installation today.

We exclusively install cutting-edge charging stations that offer dependable power, convenience, and value for your electric vehicle uses.

Enhanced Convenience for EV Owners

Residential and commercial EV charger installations grant EV owners the convenience of charging their vehicles at their own locations. Home charging stations, in particular, allow for overnight charging, ensuring a fully charged battery to start the day. Additionally, businesses offering EV charging as an amenity can attract environmentally-conscious customers, bolstering their reputation.

Cost Savings

Over time, owning an electric vehicle and installing an EV charger can yield substantial cost savings. Electricity costs less than gasoline, and EVs are more energy-efficient, resulting in reduced fueling expenses. Some utility companies even offer special rates for off-peak charging, further enhancing the economic advantage.

Property Value Enhancement

For homeowners, installing an EV charger can be a wise investment, increasing property value. With the rising popularity of electric vehicles, potential buyers view an EV charger as a desirable feature. Properties equipped with EV charging capabilities may attract more buyers as EV adoption continues to grow.

Future Proof

As electric vehicle adoption accelerates, having EV chargers in place positions your home or business for the future, ready to meet the growing demand for electric vehicle charging. This ensures you stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly electric-focused world.

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